Foods in Season for Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons as there are so many delicious foods that are in season! In the spirit of fall, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite foods to incorporate into our routine during the fall, as well as some inspiration for different meals and snacks that you can create with them!

While you can get these foods year-round, having them in the fall makes them extra delicious and often taste fresher. This is because these foods are typically harvested in the fall season, making them the freshest and ripest foods you can get.  


Most fruits are seasonal during the summer, with the exception of a few. Our favorite is apples. With the many different varieties on the market, they are great to eat on their own, to use in desserts such as apple crisp (try this recipe!). Another great fruit to eat on their own during this season is pears. One of our favorite combinations to eat is pear with a mild-flavored cheese for a balanced snack. Other fruits that are great to have are cranberries, either fresh or dried. We sometimes will make our own trail mix and use them in that! If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to make your own, here is a trail mix with fruit that we recommend. Pomegranate seeds are also a great, fresh snack to have on-hand.

Lastly, fall is also the season for figs! Our favorite way to eat them is on our fig and ricotta toast (try that here). Lastly, we love to have medjool dates as a pre workout snack or dessert, especially with some nut butter and chocolate (recipe here).


Everyone’s favorite flavor of the fall is pumpkin, which is a type of squash. In fact, all varieties of squash are in season during the fall. Pumpkin is popular to be used in sweet dishes and desserts, such as pumpkin bread and muffins, as pumpkin pie. Squash is great to be roasted and added to meals like nourish bowls, or even to be pureed into sauces! Other vegetables that are great during autumn include zucchini, carrots, and brussels sprouts. Carrots and zucchini can also be used in sweet breads (zucchini bread recipe), and they are also delicious to roast on their own. Brussels can be sauteed or roasted as well (recipe here). 


One of the best carbohydrate sources that we like to use in our meals during the fall is sweet potatoes. They are great to roast and eat whether you make them with savory seasonings  or with sweet ones. When it comes to great pantry staples, we like to have canned beans on hand to add to soups and chilis!

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This article was written by Emma Bulan, nutrition intern. Fact checked by Allison Tallman, RD.

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