Why Metabolism “Boosting” Isn’t A Real Thing

If you’ve ever looked up ways to lose weight or take control of your health, the word “metabolism” most certainly pops up. It makes sense⎯if you can speed up the processes in your body that convert the food and drinks you consume into usable energy, then you will be provided with more energy to use throughout the day, your body will cleanse out toxins at a faster rate, and your body will be burning more calories overall. This sounds great, but the problem lies when we are told we can speed up our metabolism by adding that one new food or product to our daily routine. 

There’s not one thing that will boost your metabolism

As much as we’d like a quick fix, our bodies are undergoing chemical reactions 24/7, which means that one supplement or glass of tea in the morning can’t do the trick. While that may sound disappointing, the good news is that increasing your metabolism can be accomplished through multiple small, simple additions to your routine. The contrary is also true⎯one day of skipping meals or sitting on the couch isn’t going to destroy your metabolism. It’s all about the habits we can build to quicken the processes in our body as a whole.

Start your day with protein

Incorporating eggs, greek yogurt, nut butter, and other forms of protein into your breakfast is a great place to start. Digesting protein requires your body to use more calories than when you eat carbs or fat, so you can start your day with an accelerated metabolic rate.

Not skipping breakfast

Although it is easy to run out the door to work empty handed, starting your day without breakfast is definitely going to slow down your metabolism. Instead, try your best to not skip meals. If not, your body will go into starvation mode in order to conserve energy. All of your body processes will slow down, which is exactly what we want to avoid. 

Drinking plenty of water

Staying hydrated is essential when trying to speed up your metabolism. Water is involved in so many of the chemical reactions that occur in our bodies, so these processes will all slow down when you are dehydrated. Additionally, your body must regulate the temperature of water in your body, which requires energy. A quick tip to increase your daily water intake is to find a fun water bottle you like⎯as silly as it sounds many people find that it makes a huge difference! 

Eating enough fiber

Fiber is a great regulator of digestion for many reasons, but in terms of your metabolism, fiber is amazing because it is indigestible. Your body will use energy in an attempt to break it down, burning more calories than you gain from consuming it. Broccoli, popcorn, beans, avocados, and sweet potatoes are all fantastic sources of fiber.

Eating complex carbs

Incorporating complex carbs into your diet is a great way to speed up your metabolism. Whole grains are harder to digest than highly processed carbs, so your body will expend more energy to do so. Whole wheat bread, brown rice, vegetables, and quinoa are some examples.

Metabolism boosting products aren’t legit

Most supplements that are marketed as ‘metabolism boosters’ aren’t actually going to speed up your metabolism. Like many supplements on the market, the FDA doesn’t regulate all of the health claims we find on the packaging of these products. Unfortunately, many companies are trying to profit off your eagerness to improve your health, without providing you any real solutions. Instead, keep your money and practice building healthy habits to quicken your metabolism.

At the end of the day, remember that one product, food, or workout won’t cause any major changes to your body or health. Speeding up your metabolism can be achieved through implementing small changes in your daily life, adding up to positive outcomes that are a direct result of your commitment to your health.

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This article was written by Ari Harkavy, nutrition intern.

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