All About Diets: Why You Shouldn’t Try a New Diet in the New Year

New years usually come with new goals, but should a new year come with a new diet? Probably not! If you’ve ever tried a diet before it more than likely provided a temporary fix and temporary results. Read on for why a new diet may not be the best idea going into this holiday season.

Diets Do Not Offer Long Lasting Results

Because diets are temporary, their results also tend to be temporary. The only way to see long lasting sustainable results is with a lifestyle change that involves implementing new habits and routines. While meticulously counting calories on MyFitnessPal or counting points with Weight Watchers may result in a loss of some weight, what happens when you stop? Becoming dependent on diets makes it very difficult to see continued success without these diets. You deserve to be independent when it comes to your food choices and your health!

Diets Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Did you know dieting can often do more harm than good? Most popular fad diets involve some form of calorie restriction meaning you are taking in less calories than your body actually needs. Short term this may result in weight loss, but long term it can result in a slowed metabolism. In simple terms your body will get used to eating a very low amount of calories, so once you start to eat a normal amount of calories again your body will not be able to metabolize them as efficiently as it once did. This can actually result in gaining the weight you lost back plus even more! This phenomenon is why yo-yo dieting tends to occur.

Diets Can Lead to Disordered Eating

Common diet programs often encourage habits that can lead to disordered eating. Counting or paying close attention to calories, undereating, avoiding certain foods and labeling foods as “good” and “bad” are all things that can eventually cause disordered eating habits or full blown eating disorders. Most popular diets that are marketed to consumers do not have the consumers overall health in mind. Remember: health does not equal weight loss! There are ways to feel confident in your body without putting your mental and physical health at risk. 

So if diets are bad, what’s the answer to a healthier you? Making sustainable and realistic changes that will offer results that last you a lifetime! Ditch the quick fix mentality and take the time to learn about what is best for you and your individualized health journey by learning all about building healthy eating habits in the new year in our upcoming free masterclass:


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This article was written by Lindsey Moser, nutrition intern. Fact checked by Allison Tallman RD.

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