2022 recap: NRs Year in Review

There’s a lot of research about the positive effect that gratitude has on happiness, and I’d argue, the same goes for reflection.

This is why despite the rollercoaster of a year that was 2022, when we reflect on it, it was an amazing year.

Reflection is also that bit of hindsight that allows you to connect the dots and see your own progress in a way that you can’t always do when you’re moving full steam ahead. This is especially true when running your own business. We push forward each day, plan for the future, and continue serving our community. But it’s reflection that helps us to move forward as a business, as an individual, and as a community.

We strive to make reflection a regular practice around Nourished Routes, which is why you’ll find our annual review below.

Before we get into the highlights and skimmed version for those of you who want to get straight to the facts, here’s the paragraph version.

First, I am wildly thankful for this year. As I’ve mentioned, the past 12 months have been a year of ups and downs for me both personally and professionally.

Professionally, we started the year off with a big business announcement that changed our business forever. This change came with hope and excitement for what was ahead. We also were relatively still unaffected by COVID-19 and even saw an increase in business as individuals continued to prioritize their health. I know that was not the norm for most people and businesses, so I do not take this for granted.

The influx of new clients was welcomed, contributed to our growth, and was a LOT to manage some weeks. So, I worked. a lot. If you know me personally, you know that I’m a go-getter, a hard worker, and sometimes find it hard to set boundaries with my work life because I truly DO love what I do. With this growth comes growing pains, so I hired and onboarded my first ever employee to help me with some backend things! I created and launched 2 new programs  – Nourished Nutrition Breakthrough and Your Nourished Route. I worked with my largest number of clients yet, developed digital products, experimented with new products, and provided a LOT of virtual lectures. 

Personally, my year was rocked when my Gram passed in May. As many of my clients are aware, (since we get to know each other really well,)my Gram raised me and it was such a tough loss in our family. While this time was filled with grief, it demonstrated another time that I am grateful for my job and what I do because I was able to give myself some space to focus on me and what I needed at the time. 

Despite the craziness of life, the ups and downs of running a business during a pandemic and a recession, I am grateful. I feel honored to have been trusted with a number of clients’ health struggles this year. I will never take that lightly.

Ironically, I’m even grateful for having experienced the rollercoaster of emotions such as grief, depression, and stress because it equipped me to better empathize with my clients each and every day. I believe this makes me a better practitioner.

So, as we continue to grow in 2023, know that we will continue to be empathetic, be real with our community, and strive for improvement in the ways that we show up and serve you. Because you and your health deserve it, and deserve the best from me too.

So let’s dive into the numbers..

  • Helped 500+ clients reach their nutrition goals
  • Created 2 completely new programs including Your Nourished Route and Nourished Nutrition Breakthrough
  • 50+ virtual webinars and events
  • 20+ in-person workshops 
  • 10+ digital products to educate our community
  • 100+ new recipes created to make cooking effortless and fun again
  • Mentored 4 dietetic interns who hope to become dietitians one day
  • Created 2 new free resources – our healthy snacking guide and our What’s Your Eating Personality Type Quiz

And some of our client wins…

Best decisions I’ve ever made

“Working with Nourished Routes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
Nick Y.
past NR client

I would 100% recommend

“I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who is feeling stuck or hopeless in their nutrition struggles. I’ve been dieting off and on for years and taking this course helped me to establish eating habits and a routine that made total sense for me. Everything that I learned clicked and I’m able to incorporate the strategies that were taught every day without feeling totally stressed out.”
Madison P.
past NR client

More comfortable in my own skin

“I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own clothes and skin.” 
Grace W.
past NR client

Wins, Highlights, & Proud Moments

  • Growing as a small, female-owned business and hiring my first employee
  • Creating 2 new programs that have changed the lives of over 50+ individuals
  • A high number of clients who returned for continued nutrition counseling
  • Transforming the health of over 500+ individuals
  • Continuing to prioritizing my mental health by taking time completely off while on vacation
  • Time blocking my schedule so I can better show up for my clients
  • Being voted as Nashville’s BEST DIETITIAN OF 2022! (Check that out here and head to page 13!)

Lessons I’m Still Learning

  • Decision making (there are SO many to make as a business owner on a daily basis)
  • Self-care and boundaries (as mentioned, work + life all felt like a blur this year
  • Keeping up with social media (because there’s obviously a LOT to consume!)

2023 Forecast

  • Multiple client projects such as recipe booklets, guides, and nutrition research review
  • Updating content for Nourished Nutrition Breakthrough hybrid individualized program
  • Add more resources and value to my self-paced program, Your Nourished Route
  • Planning for my VIP membership group
  • More concrete, advanced planning
  • Community building and partnerships
  • Focusing on making a positive impact
  • Add boundaries for work and rest
  • Self-care and prioritizing mental health
  • Take more time to rest and be ok with slow time

If you stayed with me until here, thank you. Your support and enthusiasm for NR means the world to me and I truly look forward to growing into 2023, together. Promise.

xx Alli

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