Copy of 6-Week Intuitive Eating Course Never Diet Again

6-Week Intuitive Eating Course: Never Diet Again

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Do you want to stop dieting for good and heal your relationship with food and your body? Do you want to better understand how to nourish and fuel your body and no longer question nutrition? Do you want to build better and healthier eating habits that energize yourself?

Join our 6-Week Intuitive Eating Course: Never Diet Again to achieve all of the above (and lots more!) In this 6-week comprehensive virtual course led by a registered dietitian, we’ll bring you back to the basics of nutrition and how to feel freedom from dieting ever again. We will cover how to:

  • Re-introduce “off limit” foods
  • Finally ditch dieting
  • Improve your body image
  • Meet nutrition goals without counting calories or macros
  • Fuel and nourish your body so you feel your BEST


Sign up now here for this course starting on 10/5 at 7pm CST. This course will take place weekly for 6 weeks. If you cannot make the live event, a recording will be sent afterwards. Members will also receive: resources, recipes, access to a like-minded community, and a private Slack network.

Once you sign up, you will receive all instructions for the course to begin via email.