Nutrition Services


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A complimentary 15 minute informational phone call. We may recommend services to fit your specific needs.  


Separate Nutrition Services

Full Nutrition Assessment


In-person or virtual evaluation with one follow up
Includes evidence-based nutrition recommendations upon the review of history and physical information, medications, food-allergies and intolerances, personal goals and more. 


Complete Packages

All packages include the following:  

     -Full nutrition assessment ($149 value)

     -Individualized meal plan ($99//month value)

     -Weekly nutrition & lifestyle coaching

     -Health and wellness trackers

     -Weekly personalized recipes

     -Grocery List


1 – Month Package



3 – Month Package



6 – Month Package


Meal plans

Includes a balanced meal plan for one week or one month helping you to reach 100% of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans according to the recommended calorie diet appropriate for you.

1 – Week Package



1 – Month Package



Grocery Store Tour


Single person or household tour; quote depended on time and size for larger group tours. Become a pro at grocery store navigation during this 1 hour tour. Book a single person or household tour today! Quotes for larger groups are dependent on the event details. 


Cooking Classes 

Quote dependent on time and activity  

Host a cooking class! Whether it is a cooking demonstration for you and your friends, teaching a group about healthy snacks in the beginning of the new year, or learning about healthier cocktails/mock-tails during your nutrition packages and memberships. Your booking will be modified to your needs and interests.


Wellness Seminar 

Quote dependent on time and activity

Schedule a nutrition seminar from a list of recommended topics fit for the occasion or request one to be made for your special event! Popular topics include basic nutrition, specific disease nutrition, and sports nutrition. 


Nutrition Collaboration 

Quote dependent on time and activity 

A credible voice to your wellness brand. Support may include: evidence-based recommendations, cooking demonstrations, menu development and guest writing.