Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consultation


Complimentary 15 minute phone call to help us understand your nutrition goals and needs. During this phone call, we can discuss which program may be best for you.

Nourished Route Memberships

Memberships include services of 1-Month Package
3-Month Package: $499
  • FREE – addition to members-only Facebook support group

6-Month Package: $999
  • Personalized workout plan

  • FREE – addition to members-only Facebook support group

12 month: $1499
  • Free Grocery Delivery Service ($90 value) *dependent on location

  • FREE – addition to members-only Facebook support group

Grocery Shopping + Meal Prepping

$49/hour + Cost of groceries

We do the grocery shopping and teach you the meal prep!

Nutrition Collaboration

Quote dependent on activity and time

A credible voice to your wellness brand. Support may include: evidenced-based recommendations, cooking classes, menu development, and blog posts.

Wellness Seminar

Quote dependent on activity and time

Nutrition seminar on various topics including basic nutrition, specific disease states, sports nutrition, and other subject matter and prepared by request. 

Your Nourished Route

1-Month Package: $199
  • Full Nutrition Assessment (getting to know YOU, macronutrient recommendations, health and wellness trackers, client specific recommendations)

  • Weekly nutrition & lifestyle coaching

  • Personalized health and wellness goals

  • Individualized meal plan

  • FREE – grocery list

  • FREE – weekly recipe


Pantry Makeover

$99 In person or $50 Virtual

Learn to read food labels and identify healthy vs. unhealthy foods in your home.

Grocery Store Tour


Become a pro at grocery store navigation and know which aisles/foods to avoid when grocery shopping during this 1 hour tour. Also available as a group tour.

Host a Class

Quote dependent on activity, time and number of people

Host a class with us! Whether it is a cooking demonstration for you and your friends before the holidays, teaching a group about healthy snacks in the beginning of the new year, or learning about healthier cocktails/mocktails during your monthly book club, you’ll walk away with recipes you’ll love, grocery lists, and discounts on our nutrition packages and memberships.